Hi everyone,

I am Sandra!
Lifelong Learning has always been present in my life as a personal trainer, teacher, a woman and a mum.
I have dedicated my career to teaching and supporting people to become better and more effective learners, learn about their potential and maximise their performance, improve their health, fitness and lives!

I have made it my personal mission to help as many people as possible to achieve their ideal body, improve their health and fitness, to feel more confident and happy.
Using my 1 to 1 Personal Training Programmes and Group Exercise, many people have been able to make permanent and sustainable changes to their mindset and lifestyle.

You can pick and choose any of my different programmes according to what works for you. You will learn the most efficient ways of training, how to increase your fitness level and strength, eating healthier, how to move and how to keep motivated and focused.

I am passionate about coaching and during my sessions I have lots of energy and empathy, we set goals, use tools to find out your strengths, agree on actions, move towards the goals by taking small steps, learn from mistakes and create new productive and successful habits, positive mindsets and empowering beliefs.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or working out is second nature, my programs can help you to reach your next fitness goals and let you feel the confidence you deserve!